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2 6%
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I want to and don't want to at the same time
4 12%
Voters: 34.
Would you have your body and mind modified so that you are completely innocent, so that it's as if you never cracked one off, never 'lost it', never did any type of drug or alcohol/tobacco, just for the sake of pure innocence?

I say... maybe.

EDIT: No. I mean, that stuff's fun. Why would I want to?
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Why? What's so good about innocence?

Nothing, I just thought there might be something I was missing.
No. Then I wouldn't be a ninja.
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Quote by Lolcheez342
EDIT: No. I mean, that stuff's fun. Why would I want to?

Oh, you conformist.
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way to make an original thread
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I haven't done anything of those things, unless by cracked one off you mean masturbate. In which case....yeah.
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yes because it'll take less to beer to get me drunk, ie. cheaper. etc.
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fapping is evil?
so is alchohol? and tabbaco?

hmm if god didnt want me to smoke pot then he wouldent have put it in the goddamn ground
and if i wasnt supposed to fap then why the hell did he give me such talented hands?
Well I've never done drugs or smoked, I'm pretty innocent except sometimes for no reason I chuck a skitz at people, and I don't drink (yet )

So I'm pretty innocent, i think
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How in the hell would it benefit me if I was innocent again anyway?


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Holy Moses.
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How in the hell would it benefit me if I was innocent again anyway?

Feels good man
I'm a communist. Really.
I don't drink, smoke or take drugs anyway, so... and I don't want to forget what I know about sex and women.
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the loss of innocence is also the gain of experience and knowledge.

if you were innocent again who's saying that you wouldn't just go right on ahead and make all the same mistakes you made in your first life? humans need those mistakes to live. they are what we learn from and what makes us who we are as perfectly imperfect beings.

and I chose the third option I guess.
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why would you say yes unless your experience with those things is horrible
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