If it's just between those two, you'll be better off with the 535 just because you can tweak it to get closer to his sound. I'd look at RMC wahs though, he's used those occasionally.
ebay for a wh-10 is what ive been doing fo rhte last few weeks. if you get one and i dont i'll cry

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

yea.. he uses the Ibanez WH-10 wah.. it's been discontinued.. i hear that the closest thing to it that is currently made is the Ibanez Weeping Demon...
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would it e worth paying $200 for a WH10. there is only 1 on e-bay and i may buy it.

it's a great wah. i can get a pretty close sound with the Fulltone Clyde Wah too.
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Looking for Ibanez RGA model or Petrucci PM me for details