I have a fender american strat, and im looking to upgrade the pickups.

I play alot of hard rock and borderline-metal.

Can anyone recomend any single coil pickups?

I would prefer them to come in a set of three to save money, but if they don't thats fine too.

Ive been looking at the fender custom shop texas pickups, would those be heavy enough for me?
Single coils for hard rock? Seymour Duncan Hot Rails is the first that comes to mind
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DiMarzio YJM or SEymour Duncan Hot Rails for metal
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I'm new to how pick ups work.

Would i want to buy three of the same pick ups and put them in each spot? (Bridge, mid, neck)

Or will certain pickups only sound good in cerain spots?
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DiMarzio YJM or SEymour Duncan Hot Rails for metal

I thought the YJM's weren't hot enough for metal?
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