I have a 30w amp. it is a G1500, with a Venue music sticker on it so I can only assume it is a no name brand.

It has been broken for about a year.

When I turn it on and play something it will only last for about 10 seconds before everything starts to crackle and only a tiny bit of the sound gets through very dirty though.

When I let it just rest on for a while it seems to play well again for about a minute but then It just goes back to the screeching and crackle.

And it doesn't not sound as loud as I would expect a 30w amp to be. My 10w marshall is about 10 times as loud.

Here are some pictures of it.

I would love to get this amp working and am willing to take it to piece to try. It has done nothing but take up space, but it used to sound great.

Can you guys help me repair it?
Sounds like a dying component, maybe an op amp. I had the same problem with an old amp of mine and with my Ibanez Smash Box.

I replaced the op-amps in the Smash Box and it still didn't work, but after a few months I plugged it in just for kicks and now it works fine.

Never did fix the amp. It had a SIP (single inline package) chip (most chips are DIP) that powered the speaker and I think that's what screwed up on that, not the op amp. Couldn't ever find a replacement...then my friend plugged 12 volts into it (the wrong way) and blew parts of it up...