I know the Am Pentatonic scale by heart. I know it by heart dosn't mean i can improv, but i notice a song by the name of "House of th Rising Sun" starts in Am, could i just a song like that as a backing track and practice improving using Am Pentatonic?Also Any improv tip?
Javier Ponce
that would be a great song to start soloing over, and you were right about Am. the song actually isnt in Am natural i dont believe, but that won't matter at all when youre starting to improv, so good luck and set yourself free in the music
Should i only stay in Am Pentatonic just cuz the song starts in Am or should i try and change the scale everytime the chord changes?
Javier Ponce
I'm not really sure how to know what key a song is in, ive heard its mostly the first chord it starts with
Javier Ponce
for now keep it in Am pentatonic throughout, it will take lots of experience before you're at the point to comfortably and effectively change with each chord. however, if u pick the notes from each chord, and play those notes on their own while that chord is being played, you might notice how nice they might sound
anyone know any great Am songs to use as back tracks or play alongs?
Javier Ponce
Stick to Am pentatonic for now and learn some more theory in the meantime. If I remember correctly, there's a D chord in there which could be said to be borrowed from A dorian and in general you want to be aware of the chord tones etc. etc. but to get some melody into your improv, just use the Am pentatonic for now; it doesn't have any notes that clash with the chords.
||: Am | C | D | F | Am | E | Am | E :||

Am pentatonic is ABCDEFGA. D major has F# in it so isn't in the key of A minor, F major is in the key of A minor.

For the Am E, there's the classic harmonic minor (#7), so play a G# instead of G for those 4 bars.

still all right?
Quote by TheVinesRule
Am pentatonic is ABCDEFGA.

A minor pentatonic is A C D E G A. Because the minor pentatonic leaves out the 6th and second from the natural minor it will still work over the D chord. The third in the E (G#) is the one to watch as mentioned by TheVinesRule above.

Improv tips - try to target strong beats and chord changes with tones present in the chord. Use a short lead in to those strong beats and think about your phrasing. Model it like your guitar is singing over the chords and let it breathe from time to time.

Am songs - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zep
All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan version. Am G F G
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anyone know any great Am songs to use as back tracks or play alongs?


You should learn to play the pentatonic scale in different keys as well. Em pentatonic is the second most common. Out of curiosity, do you know the scale across the whole fretboard?
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