Ok, If you could have any guitar in the world, what brand,pickups,finishes,neck or how clean it sounds to distortion like how distorted jumbo frets or small with or withouts whammy basically your dream guitar if you havent gotten what i meant already........ you choose.
mine would have to be

humbucker pickups
with the fire vines up the neck
with just enough distortion
floyd rose to play with every once ina while
with a devil head ive seen them theyre awsome looking
with a push coil and two volumes knobs and three pickup knobs
and i would want 34 frets on mine cuz that would be crazy high
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The Demmolition King V by Jackson with an Edge III whammy. The EMG's I'd stick with on it and in WHITEEEEEEEE.
Jackson King V KVX10
Line 6 Spider III 75 W.
Peavey 5150/6505 Combo to be owned at the end of 2010.
a jackson RR that is white and has red pinstripes, 24 frets, has two s.d. live wire metals, a floyd rose, 2 volume controls, 1 tone control, barbed wire going up the neck for the inlays, and a thin u neck...oh sh1t i think i just came ::type
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34 frets would fail

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Ibanez RG550 (Fernandez Sustainer)
Laney World Series 120-TR
POD X3 Live

Fender Tele thinline body (HH)
Fender 72 deluxe neck
Seymour Duncan pearly gates (bridge)
Seymour Duncan SH-1 (neck)
500k pots + individual Volume and Tone for Humbuckers
Fishman peizo bridge
All gold harware
and transparent white finish
tortoiseshell pick gaurd

not a really screamer but a nice layed back tele
Hm. Gibson SG Custom, either Cherry faded or white with black full-face pickguard. Fretless Wonder frets, thin neck, 3 Gibson '57s, 6-way rotary switch setup the way I want it (neck only, bridge only, neck + middle, middle + bridge, neck + bridge, all 3), top hat knobs black, either split diamond or torch headstock veneer, either block (white) or no fret inlay (cherry faded), gold hardware if white, silver if cherry.
I've always wanted to order a USA Series Dean ML neck-thru model. Maybe load it with Lace Engineering Alumitones, Kahler Tremolo, their V shape neck.

I want to get it with jumbo frets up to the 12th fret, then past that have medium gauge fret wire. I'm not sure what people call that (Maybe it's my own idea?)
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34 frets would fail
yeah but think about it if you had a tube amp cranked all the way up and you hit one of those fretsit would be like a big a$$ screech
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Either a Gibson Zakk Wylde or a Gibson Goldtop w/ Emgs, which is kinda like that Zakk Wylde
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A PRS Custom 24, maybe swap the pups out for some Seymour Duncans. Maybe...
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Jackson Soloist Archtop:
24 frets
ebony fretboard
mahogany body
flamed maple neck, natural satin finish
gold hardware
highly flamed maple top, deep blue finish
original floyd rose
seymour duncan jb/59
two volume (coil tapping for both pickups), one tone, 3-way selector
mother of pearl sharktooth inlays
stainless steel dunlop 6100 frets
natural binding on body, ivoroid binding on neck and headstock
grover mid-size rotomatics