hey, im gonna be traveling to florida from arizona. and i want to take my guitar with, but i have a few probelms that may come up

1. i dont want to carry my guitar on, and i dont think its worth it to spend $100 on a solid case for it when the instrument was only around that much.

2. i was thinking about removing the neck and stuffing it all in the middle on a suitcase, i dont think it would get broken, but would i be able to reassemble it in florida, plus reassemble it when i get back home?

3. there is a big difference in humidity in florida vs arizona, woud the extra humidity effect my guitar or not really?

4. would my amp, not sure if it has vacuum tubes or not, would it be able to take the shock of being thrown around like all airline handle luggage?

oh, and i could probably carry on my guitar in a suitcase if i seperate it into two peices.

main thing is, i dont want ot tak e the guitar as a single carru on due to all the extra security as stuff. plus if i do i cant take any other carry on, except my computer bag. and with baggage now costing to check... id rather only have to check one bag instead of two..

any feedback appreciated
okay man, bring the guitar with you in one piece with a gig bag. There cheap like 20 bucks I know is considered a carry on and could coast more but hey don't mess with your neck man. Next if your amp is tube IT WILL NOT SURVIVE! If you can try to give me the brand name and model and I will tell you if it is tube or not. But if it is soild state I say sure why not just pack it in real good and it should be fine. But hey heres another Idea why not spend a lil extra cash and get them shipped to you. They will package it and take good care of it, just throwing it out there.
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How long are you going? Is it REALLY necessary?
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no, its not essential or anyhting, id just like to have it.

and id be staying for around 2 weeks, but yea, if the necks gonna be a problem i just assume not mess with it

how much do you think it would cost to ship just the guitar,

and its a small ibanez practise amp, i connect it to a mixer
Do you really have to pay extra to carry on a guitar?

I've flown dozens of times with a guitar. At the security checkpoint in the airports I use, the signs all say "You are allowed to carry on a personal item, a small suitcase, AND/OR an instrument AND/OR photography equipment. Since I have all of those items (SLR, lenses, guitar, and usually a backpack for my laptop and what else) I tend to carry a lot of things onto an airplane, and I've never had a problem with it.

I don't see why you can't just go get a $20 gig bag, carry it onto the airplane, and have the stewardesses put it in the coat closet for the duration of the flight.

EDIT: BTW, what is your amp? We'll be able to tell you if it has tubes or not, just give us the brand and model.
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Your amp is not tube, pack it well and it will be fine.
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Some airlines will let you carry a guitar on board. But taking the neck off and putting it in the middle of your suitcase works to. Ive done it when I travel overseas. I do it with my squire as its the guitar I would be least upset if they lose or damage it. An amp is gonna be pushing it. If you have a multifx pedal you can use headphones with take that. I have a microBR and the adapter to run it on a stereo or mp3 speakers when I travel.
will the humidity be a problem, if i reassemble the neck, for it is quite dry here in arizona, and quite wet there. and, im not completly sure, but if i removed the neck i could just loosen the strings enough so they have no tensin right, that way i dont have to remove completly.
Guitars are very humidity-affected. This is the reason maple necks (like on your squier) have a hard finish, to keep the neck somewhat more stable than if it were, say, simply oiled. All wood swells or shrinks with an increase or decrease in Humidity, respectively. My Les paul was noticably different sounding on cape cod, where it is humid almost all the time.
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Ive taken my squire apart, put it in my suitcase in kentucky. Flew to china reassembled the guitar and played. I just checked to see if it needed any adjustment. No problems. The humidity in china is comparable to florida. Stayed 30 days. Took it back apart flew back reassembled it plays fine. Sealed wood isnt that susceptable to humidity.