PLEASE NOTE: Sorry if this has been discussed before if it has please report it or let me know so I can delete the thread. I dont want to be another thorn in the ass of repetitive questions. Just want some advice is all


I believe I am getting pretty serious about making my own guitar...

Because I cant find anything with the exact specifications of what I am looking for.

Can you guys recommend any GOOD websites or GOOD books on how to do this?

I want to read more into this before I delve into such a large project.

I think I understand the body but the neck seems to be the most crucial aspect of the project.

Heres some questions:

* I plan on making the guitar with a set neck configuration. How exactly is the truss rod installed?

* Ok I always wondered this: Why is that some guitars (Well most...) the headstock is tilting. Does this have something to do with the scale of the guitar? Within different scales does the headstock bend more or less?

Well again thanks for your time!

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dunno about the truss rod, but i know the tilting is to add tension to the strings, also to put pressure on the nut so it stays in tune better if you have regular tuners.
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The tutorial section at http://www.projectguitar.com/ has answers to a lot of the questions you might have when first starting out.

The free information section over at http://www.stewmac.com/freeinfo/ is very good too.

As for books, there are loads of good ones available, but one of them is easier to get : http://buildyourguitar.com/books/beg/index.asp, Building Electric Guitars by Martin Koch. It can be downloaded for about $24 (15 euros)...

Also, a set neck is fine. I personnally prefer bolt-ons, as I think it adds some snap to the sound, but set necks have been used successfully for ages. Nothing ****ty about them, really.