This is a song written to music for my band's first original piece. It was done in about 10 minutes, but it worked out.

NOTE: The chorus may be offensive.

Euthanize The Youth


Verse #1:
Forget what is already forlorn,
like amnesia to a newborn.
Sleep tight my hollowed skull,
There will be shelter for you yet.


Verse #2:
Dream wide-eyed, I have no use for rest,
The children, they rest for me,
Eyes rolled back, bloodshot, cold, and dead,
The withering of a generation.

Verse #3:
They dance, they prey, on others' lives,
Slipping into comas of hatred-lies,
Oblivious to right or reason,
Following the followers.

Verse #4
Murdering, as if to crows,
Millions gathered, a mass sacrifice of foes,
Strangers to each other and themselves,
Masked by the final blow.

(Drum Solo)


**** your God, a petty excuse for salvation,
Euthanize the youth, taking short-cuts to Heaven.

(Clean Outro)