That's a weird question. That's like ripping up a brand new pair of jeans.

Just play it a lot. Join a band and play a bunch of shows.
sand paper...
ding it a couple times...
scrape it a bit...
heck man, the possibilities are almost endless.
if u think a blow torch would do the trick.........i would just try a lgihter first (no experience whatso ever in this type of thing though)
To get that vintage/worn look, put a strap on your guitar, and sprint as fast as you can into EVERY room/closet/opening in your house with your guitar on. That should make it look nice and worn
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don't sand paper it what ever you do,unles you do it perfect it'll leave bad mark's and just look nasty.
try a chem peal on sum of the paint if done right it'll peel away some of the paint and make it look like its worn with age,also try playing it wearing like scratchy nylon gloves or heavy jewlery so u get scratches where you strum my freind does tht n his 6 month old strat looks like he's bin thrashin it for 10 years lol

also tht previous one bou playing all sweaty is actually a pretty good idea

sorry bout spellin grammer
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Sigh, just search the forums. There's been a ton of information posted here on it, and I don't feel like repeating myself for the umpteenth time. It's called relicing.

Some like it, some don't. I figure that the ones that do should be left alone. Conversely, I won't get on anyone else's ass for keeping their guitar in pristine condition.
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go to a yard with lots of smal stones and drag the guitar through it a couple of times?
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know anyone with horses? tie it to the fence and let the horses rub on it, and gnaw it a bit. perfect!

actually im serious, any animal hair/fur works wonders. i know an old timer that uses sweat from an old horse, and a small bit of fur to add age and wear to the powder horns he makes. im sure if the combo will do that to bone, it should work on a guitar.
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toss it around, dont take real good care of it, light grit sand paper on the areas where your hand will be, and there have been A LOT of threads on this already, so use the search bar, and youll find a bunch of different answers
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