My band has finished recording some tracks.
Only one has vocals so far but we're working on getting vocals on the other ones.
Any critiques would be very much appreciated.


I know there are 4 songs and I'm only supposed to post 2, but i uploaded them before i remembered that. So I'm only requesting that you listen to 2, but if you could do all, I'd really appreciate it.

Listened to 2 songs:

Doobie Brothers: Very nice mellow song. Music was good. Vocals were decent but there needs to be a little more use of the diaphragm to emphasize certain parts.

Dingy Sharps: This song was awesome. My only constructive criticism for this song is that the lead sounded a bit dry and stiff, almost as if it were forced.

Overall very good.

Crit mine please: http://www.whomgodsdestroy.com/audio.htm