Im looking for a new guitar. Something with a single humbucker in the bridge, a Floyd Rose tremolo, and 24 frets for as little as possible. So recommend me something.
I dont want the singles. Just a single humbucker in the bridge. And it doesnt necessarily have to be the Floyd, but a decent trem. I dont typically use them, but... Ya know.
Check out Esp Ltd Alexi-200.
The pickup isn't particularly special but it's an ok guitar for $1000 AUD
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im not sure if it has 22 or 24 frets, and it has two humbuckers not one but the prs se custom is a solid guit for about 600
ibanez S series, the 2008 models have 24 frets.
you may need to consider a pickup swap later on though (im putting seymour duncan blackouts in mine)

Schecter C-1 with floyd

Jackson RR3 or 4

thats all i can think of, im sure there are more out there.