Hey guys im selling my B-52 At-100 with matching Cab. (Slanted)

Its in great condition has never been giged with and only played
a small number of times sence ive owned it

i will also throw in a Boss NS-2 Noise surpresser

Im excepting local pickup i live in berea ohio
shipping which will be up to you to pay for

i prefer paypal or western union
you can pay in cash if you pick it up

you can contact me at Taylorfrey62@yahoo.com
please dont PM i rarely check it sorry

i will supply pictures when you email me

thank you,
Taylor Frey
my gear:

Schecter Hellraiser Sunset FR
Line 6 spider 2: 212 combo 120 watt =\
Line 6 guitar port
EVH frankenstein painted Explorer