The blood on my sheets is taking over tonight.
Simple and stunning, sexy yet stern.
There's a hawk in the trees.
If you're a bird, I'm a rifle.
If you're a hawk, I'm a worm.
I'm dead, sexy, you killed me. You killed me.

No blood for these bullets.
I'm emptying my chamber (my whole chamber) into you.
We ****ing scream, hitting the (bed) floor.
I am a miracle of modern day science.
I am transcending skin care.
Monumental, one last cigarette by my headboard.

I am a bad person.
I am going straight to hell.
Eleven paces (minutes) could kill.
Eleven paces (minutes) to the death.
Eleven (Molotov) cocktails later.
Eleven paces (minutes) away from living free.