So I am think on getting a new guitar. I am starting to get into blues a lot more right now and am considering maybe a fender strat or a telecaster. I have about 500 dollars saved up and wanted your guys opinions on what type of tele/strat to go for. I was just thinking of going for the standard strat or tele, but a couple people I know have been saying that they are "beginner guitars" and say I should just get get a better quality strat or save up for an American strat/tele... Any advice on what I should get or if this is still fine to get?

Also whats the difference between a regular strat compared to a HSS? All my friend told me was they call HSS "fat strats" for some reason. Do they have a bigger neck or something?
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The MIMs are great values. They make great beginner guitars but I know lots of people who gig with them. An HSS has a fatter tone because of the humbucker in the bridge position. Hence the name "Fat Strat". I also have a DA5 and my 2006 (sss) standard sounds great through it. I also played a telecaster. I liked the twang tone it had.
Saving up for a better amp might be a better idea first. But as for guitar recommendations, I'd say a Lite Ash Tele, meant to be one of the best models Fender has recently made.

sounds like you'd like a nice Tele. I wouldn't consider the Mexican Strat/Tele an 'entry level guitar.' They arn't going to be the BEST quality but they're pretty solid and will last a while. I have a Mexican HSS Strat and it has served me well so far. I don't know if it's true, but I have heard that the difference between a Mexican make and American make isnt worth the cost difference. You can always upgrade pickups or anything else on a mexican guitar too if you want.
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Any suggestions?
i'd for a strat they're a classic they look good and are ergonomic,also not overly expensive.
also theyre long lasting and look new for ages.
the sound quality is good and (this mite just b me cos i learned on one) they seem 2 b really easy 2 find the right strings when your playing fast,tht sounds weird but i know what i mean lol
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