Alright, for my birthday which is coming up pretty soon, I've decided to either get either an acoustic guitar, or a new amp. I play a lot of more metal, metalcore, hardcore, and post hardcore. but from time to time I really like to play softer acoustic songs. Overall I'd say it's about 60% harder stuff, and 40% softer. I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half now, and I'm currently using some marshal mg, which I've heard pretty much suck from a few people and websites.I really haven't used anything better than this, so I really can't tell the difference that well. My price range is about $300-$400. From my situation, and that price range, which would be better to go with? Also, if I do go with the amp, how much improvement would I get with that price? I'm looking at some tube amps in that price range, and I'm wondering if the tube amps are the best rule still applies at that lower price range? Thanks for the help.
If you don't plan on gigging any time soon and are stuck in that price range, I'd say skip the amp and get the guitar.
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Peavy valveking amp, right in ur price range and good amp

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get the amp, acoustics are only good for teh power balladz and black star
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I'd say save up more and get a decent tube amp because you're only about $100-250 away from a quality amp that will last a long time.
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Get an acousic. No contest. You won't regret it.

If you're planning on gigging in the near future, though, get the amp. Otherwise, acoustic all the way.

Either way, I recommend saving up another $100-200 or so. You could afford something of a much higher quality.

If you do end up deciding on the amp, sell your old one so you can afford something a bit pricier.
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