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SG Prophecy EX
6 50%
SG Prophecy GX
2 17%
they both suck lol
4 33%
Voters: 12.
I'm selling my Jackson V to my friend and looking to buy a new g-tar. I saw an ad for the Epiphone Prophecy guitars and fell in love with them. I am thinking of either getting the sg custom ex or the gx. I play metal which both of them are good for, and i play a lot of other non-metal genres as well. I don't really need a really versatile guitar because surprisingly my jackson dk2m puts out some really versatile stuff, and i can use that. What do you think?

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That EX looks pretty damn sexy to me. I'm a fan of EMGs, but don't know much about Gibson Dirty Fingers, so I couldn't give the best judgement on both. But i'd go with the EX personally.
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You should try the EX and see if you like the EMG's ( or try any guitar with EMG's just to get the feeling ) becouse some people really hate the sound.
And the Gibson Dirty Fingers are supposed to have a really high output so the versatility suffers a lot... So yeah...I cant help any more. Just try them.