i wanna buy a multi effect .
i have this options:
v amp2
pod 2

i dont know what is the difference between them, but i heard alot of opinions.
so what shall i choose?
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i say get the pod if they are the same price but i havent tried either one so my opinion is rather useless

usually line 6 > behringer though
I would get the pod.

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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i've never tried the POD, but i was in the same situation as you not too long ago. I would go for the POD, because it's hard to find good samples of the vamp and the POD's are probably more reliable and versatile.
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The POD is much less digital sounding and the models sound a lot better overall.
pod. no question.

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Definately the POD. The V-Amp is a fun beginner's tool like a Digitech RP50 to get aquainted with the technology, but it's pretty noisy and digital sounding. The POD overall sounds a lot better and that's probably why it's used by lots of professional recording guitar players and keyboard players.
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I have both and a rp 50.The pod is better built,the v amp has more effects and is cheaper.The rp50 is the cheapest.If money wasn't a issue ,I'd take the pod.The digitech is great for the money.
and if ill add to the list the Pod xt?
how is the pod xt?
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