I've been in my band for a while now and we've covered various songs from Black Sabbath's Paranoid to Bloc Party's Helicopter and now we're running out of ideas for easy to cover rock songs. Nothing too heavy but still rock nonetheless.
Anybody got any ideas?
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Contribute to it's overplaying by playing it even more.
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Some Muse, Manic Street Preachers, Red hot chili peppers, Foo fighters. Alot of their well known songs are pretty easy to play.

me and my mate always play knockin on heavens door (guns n roses version), its real easy to play and everyone knows the song.

and maybe moby Dick by Led Zeppelin if your drummer wants to do a solo
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time is running out - muse
almost any green day
another on bites the dust - queen
yh green day songs are goods to cover because they are so damn easy lol. Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. The first song a lot of people learn on guitar
Something from wolfmother,Whole Lotta Love from Led Zeppelin,Make it wit chu from QOTSA(really easy).....
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Some Muse, Manic Street Preachers, Red hot chili peppers, Foo fighters. Alot of their well known songs are pretty easy to play.

Muse songs are not easy to cover.
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Muse songs are not easy to cover.

If his band can cover helicopter by Bloc Party, I'm sure they can handle something like Time is running out.

thanks for everything so far guys. I like the idea of muse and the chili peppers. The only problem with muse is that his voice is really high sometimes which is difficult to imitate but I guess we could our own twist on it.
Thanks for the suggestions so far everybody.
I've always wanted to cover Crazy Train. Only do it if you can play the solo cleanly, or else it kills the whole song.
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Self Esteem - The Offspring
Down On The Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jingle Of a Dogs Collar - The Butthole Surfers
The Hardest Button To Button - The White Stripes
Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones
Betterman - Pearl Jam
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No, but really play I Cum Blood.

EDIT: Since I do want to contribute, I would recommend AC/DC, everything's pretty simple except for the solos, but you'd be able to improvise those [or something along those lines] and spice them up and make them more your own.
White Stripes songs are typically pretty simple and fun.
I've always wanted to cover Fortunate Son by CCR
The Hives have a lot of great songs that aren't too tough, maybe Hate to Say I Told You So, Walk Idiot Walk, or Die Alright
Green Day and Weezer are also good choices
living after midnight - judas priest
purple haze - hendrix
kashmir - zeppelin
runnin with the devil - van halen
pinball wizard - the who
all along the watchtower - hendrix
funk 49 - james gang
while my guitar gently weeps - beatles
learnin to fly - tom petty
runnin down a dream - tom petty
closer to the heart - rush
yyz - rush(the main riff is a tad troublesome at first but the rest of the song is pretty easy)
limelight - rush
fly by night - rush
voodoo child - hendrix
wont get fooled again - the who(if you had a synth it would be awesome, if not look up the van halen version on youtube, i think they only have a studio version of the live version but on one of the live albums is where it was originally)
another brick in the wall pt 2 - pink floyd

thats all i can think of right now
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Highway to hell
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By the way
Bassically any song my band does
Thanks. Maybe 'Say It Ain't So' by Weezer will work?
Thanks so far for the contributions; I like a lot of the idea that have come up.
Fire and Water, by Free.

Awesome band, awesome guitarist, awesome song.+
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If theres only one guitar, try The White Stripes

EDIT: Weezer
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