Now wtf is going on?? Is this me or is it usual??

I plugged the cable 2 my guitar… and hell it makes loads of noise...
I've got the RP-250 and a wah before it… actually I cant remember if it made that much noise with my RP-250 I haven't played for some time

It has got a noise gate but now I have to have it on 60 or more to silent the noise… it was not like that before…

I guess something is wrong with my guitar which is Squier Strat… with Single coils
It's awesome actually… it has got a sound I was looking for, for a long time… oh also when I put the Pick up switcher to the bridge and middle possession the sound ends but when I put it to the middle or other pickups (separately) it begins again…
And also on some presets the neck and middle one also shuts the noise…

I think it's something with the volume pot but...

Hmm a bit complicated right??

Anyway I need yr help guys…

PS don tell me to buy new guitar.. It's impossible…. For some reasons… mainly that there are no normal stores in here….

Just for example the Gibson standard picks are 6 dollars for 12 picks in Guitar Center… right??

In here exact picks cost almost 7 or even 10 $ for one pick (not a dozen) sux, I know..

Peace V
it could be a ground wire from the guitar cable itself. Happened to me. Check if the ground wire is disconnected
plug the guitar straight into the amp, see if it makes the noise.

try all your cables, see if one of them is bad.

if not it might be ur guitar output jack. if that's the case then repost, it's an easy fix.

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