I have this thing where I really want to play a lot of different genres and you can't exactly do them all with one band (you ever get that?).
I don't mean like slightly similar things like being in a metalcore band and wanting to play a death metal song, I mean like being in a deathcore band and wanting to play techno, contemporary rock, and some acoustic and pop punk, maybe some symphonic metal.

So I need ways to find more musicians around where I live. I live in a pretty half rural, half city kind of place...mainly just housing developments.

How do I find more musicians?
Call me Jeff if you want, I prefer that.
You could always try the musician ads section on UG, but it's not likely you're gonna get a response to be honest. Just ask around.
adverts in grocery stores, shops, music stores, etc.

get in touch with people that are in the music buisiness, hang out with them, get to know other people that are in the music buisiness, etc. you'll soon have contact with fairly local musicians.