Hi, I've spent about 4-5 hours on this and its kind of near the finished thing and the song is 8 minutes 32 seconds long. Has a solo but it isn't great. Please crit, Thanks!

Oh and the intro is really random, I don't realy like it so im probably going to remove it.
Thrash Metal.zip
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I rather liked the intro, it really did set the feel for the entire song.

Anyway, your song felt like being slammed into a brick wall at 60 mph. Repeatedly. I've yet to decide if that's a good thing or not.

As I said, I enjoyed the the entire intro bit up to bar 32, I thought it was cool, and had this aggressive, dark and somewhat dissonant sound to it.

At that point though, I both like and dislike what you've got. The riffage is cool, but I typically think of thrash as something you'd want to be headbanging to, and this just isn't that kind of song. While you could take your cue from the kick, the guitars are all over the place, it almost feels like it's random, even though it's not. This fact also means that none of the guitar lines are going to be memorable enough to really stick in someones head.

I think you need to find a way to release some of the tension that your song is continually building, bring things a little bit more on the beat, try for some memorable riffs, and pick the right time and place to throw things out of wack and slam your listener into a wall.

The drums in general are simple, but great anyway. That Triplet 8th note fill you've got going a couple times is absolutely brilliant, although I almost think that it would be better followed by some kind of break instead of jumping right back into the fast rhythm.

I would have liked it if you broke the bass away from the guitar a little more then you did, but in the case of this song that could actually make it worse instead of better.

I thought you could have used the lead guitar for some interesting fills or some additional stuff too, but mostly it seems to be playing the exact same thing as the rhythm guitar. The solo started off great, I like the first 6 bars or so, but after that it just kind of fell apart.

Despite all my criticism I did enjoy listening to it, and I really do like a lot of the ideas you had in there.