Hello fellow bassists, i am looking to get a amp for my bass and the faq only had suggestions for practice amps. I am looking for something that can be used for practice and small gigs. I was currently looking at the fender rumble 100/210 and i was wondering if this would be suitable i have a budget of around £200.
I used to gig with 100W at venues that had PA's and stuff. It'll fail at trying to fill a big room without PA support though but unless you're playing really small pubs and not dedicated venues, you shouldnt have a problem as most full time venues will have some form of PA support.

If you want a bit more headroom, try and find a used MAG300 in either the 4x10 or 1x15 combo, you could go for the 2x10 if you want to save some space. Out the box, it only has 50W more than the Rumble but you can later expand on that with another cab and get the full 300W out of it.

If you think that you're only gonna be gigging for a short time, in small venues with PA systems then I would go for the Rumble.

If you think that you're gonna be gigging for a few years, at small and larger venues or venues without PA support, I would go with the MAG combo, then when you move up to the larger venues, you can buy an extension cab for ~£150 and get the most out of your amp.

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