hey guys,

I've been using the NI Guitar Rig 3 for some time now. I was wondering if there's any other software of that sort that's worth mentioning?

amplitube is also good
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Amplitube is alright, but I think Guitar Rig is far better in terms of functionality and sound quality. The only other thing I can think of is iZotope Trash, which only does distortion, but it can get some really really cool distortion sounds.
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there's Gearbox from Line 6.
it's good if you know how to use it and if you get all the Model Packs, but you can't get the Model Packs unless you have a Toneport, i think. I use it, it sounds good, and it's cheap.
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I have em all but Amplitube 2/AT Hendrix/AT Metal all going through X-Gear sounds especially great for Hi-Gain. I like Guitar Rig 3 too. I also use an older one called ROCK AMP LEGENDS


and I'm using the demo of ReValver MKIII right now - also nice and FAT sounding. I usually use X-Gear/Amplitube plug-ins or the GUITAR AMP PRO suite built-in to Logic Studio 8 on my Mac DAW.
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