I have a Framus guitar with their unfinished custom neck, and I'm soon getting another.
Framus has hands down the best neck I've ever tried. The radius, frets, shape and texture - everything is just perfect.

However, I'm a bit worried about the neck since it's unfinished.
I use lemon oil on the fretboard everytime I change strings (every 3-4 months or so), but as far as the backside of the neck I'm not sure what to do.

I've both read that beewax can 1)ruin the tone and make the neck sticky, or 2)being essential to avoid the neck warping or develloping dead spots over time.
I'm not quiet sure what to think here..

I would really appreciate some good advice here.
I've got an evh special with an unfinished neck and I kinda thought the same thing. I was really worried that it'd get messed up if I dind'nt maintain it. I've had the guitar for several years. Occasionally I put some linseed oil on the fretboard but for the most part I think the natural oils in your hands will keep it up.

Most companies put some kind of oil rub on the fretboard and neck at the factory/ shop to keep it from drying out. Check the literature that came with the guitar or the framus site for info on the upkeep of your guitar neck. Most likely it'll be very low maintainence.

BTW you only change strings every 3-4 months? You MUST like dead strings.
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Use lemon oil on your fretboard only once every six or so months. Too much lemon oil can ruin the fretboard. Also, i hope your fretboard isn't maple. Maple and lemon oil does NOT mix.

Change your strings at least monthly. I generally change mine every 2-4 weeks depending how much I've played during that time.

As for the unfinished neck. It should be ok, as Rylan said, the natural oils in your hands will keep it in decent shape.
For those who care.
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Hi guys,

My hands generally don't sweat much and I always wash my hands before playing, so I've been wondering if the back of the neck get enough of "natural oils"..
The top of the guitarbody is maple, the fretboard is tigerstripe ebony with an ovangkol neck.

I knew you would comment my string change rutine..
I always wipe of the strings with a cloth between clenched fingers after playing. This makes a *huge* difference.
Now Elixir, that's what I call dead strings..

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