hello everyone
me and my brothers are gamers who play alot
with the xbox 360 and wii we burn through a lot of batteries and are sick of buying new ones
we are thinking that it would be cheaper and more effcient if we bought rechargeable batteries AA but we have no idea which ones
any help would be appreciated
Solution : Play more guitar and less video games
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any rechargables we had lasted like ten min. buy the rechargable packs made for the controllers
yeah buy the wii charging stations.

dunno about the xbox tho...presume they have the same kinda thing?
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just recharge normal batteries my friend has done it since the xbox 360 came out and he hast blown anything up. Yet.
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duracell rechargeables. dude, i've had 8 and keep switching out when they get halfway drained. been working on all 8 for about a year on a 360,wii and teeth brush.

last a good while (over 100hrs on GH3) and dont take long to charge.
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Solution : Play more guitar and less video games

quick gaiz how can recharge amp?
get the plug and play for the xbox 360, I got mine from Game (formerly games wizards, worse name). It lasts for a fair while when charged and when it runs out plug it into your console and play again.

Though charging station is better for more than 1 person