I'm learning solo because lessons are far too expensive and I'm noticing when I release a string, I get something similar to a pull off sound, but it's very quiet and more akin to noise and subtle vibration. It really detracts from any clean-ness my other notes have as they're being sustained. Does this mean I have a fretting techinque problem, like angling my fingers wrong, etc? I'm also very bad at sounding pull-offs and I think this is the root of that problem.

Thanks all.
youtube some lessons from someone like Dave Mustane, you'll notice things like he holds the guitar a 45*, this give you the most versitily over the neck and makes it easiest to play, another thing is, practice, try different things, once you find something you like, keep doing it.
Try palm muting string that you aren't playing. It takes time to get it down, but it'll clean up your sound.
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Well to pull off you have to pull your finger off the string almost horizontally to the fretboard, so if this is what you're doing then I suggest first of all taking your finger off vertically to the fretboard. If there is still a noise then practise moving your palm over the string after you've played the note
Hope that helped.
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Thanks guys, I'll try some of these tips ASAP.

Question about muting though. Say you needed to mute the 5th highest string but then needed to play the 4th highest right after? I always end up muting the 4th too. X_X
Try muting the higher strings with the fretting fingers that aren't in use?

Getting pull-offs right as a beginner is pretty tough because you aren't just "pulling off," but you need to do so at an angle that sort of plucks the string as you pull off. It sounds like you might already be doing this...try pulling directly, vertically off the string like the others in the thread have already mentioned.
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