Hi, I need help with artificial harmonics. Well, any type of harmonics. I don't really know alot about them. From what I can tel, a harmonic is when you make a note sound an octave higher; like, you play a note on the 6th fret, but it sounds like you're playing on the 18th fret. Sorry if I'm really dumb, but it's just that I've seen it in several tabs, and I have no clue how to play it. <__<;
Any help will be appreciated.
natural harmonics happen when you lightly touch the string directly above the fret wire and play it on certain frets (5,7 and 12) are the most popular, however you gotta learn pinches if you want to be badass lol
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Okay, I know how to do natural, and I think I know how to do pinches, but I can't actually do them yet. Does anybody have some techniques I could try?
Dig your pick in pretty good and make sure your thumb hits the string when you pick the note.
Choke down on the pick to where there is barely any of the pick sticking out. As soon as the pick strikes the string, let the side of your thumb catch the string too. Also crank up the distortion on your amp, it brings out the pinch harmonic.

You can also do them on an acoustic without a pick, but these are much harder. Whenever you are finger picking, strike the string with a finger and your thumb at once, with a twisting motion. The motion is kinda like when you spin a quarter on a table using one hand.
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use your fingernail on your middle finger to lightly touch th string after you've struck it. its easier, and gives a twangier sound.
Yeah, distortion really brings them out.

And, at least on my guitar, they sound even better on the bridge pickup.
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