OK, so maybe I'm not THAT sad, but I am curious as hell why my amp is buzzing at me when I play my bass.

I have an Ibanez SR400QM (active bass) and a Peavey Max 112 Bass Combo. When I have the voicing set to modern and the treble for the on-bass amp turned up there is a buzzing. This buzz does not sound like the buzz you get when you turn the on amp EQ up all the way etc. It is more of a sharp buzz instead of a crackle buzz. This buzz gets louder when I turn up the on-bass treble (it has three "marked" settings. The third is the loudest buzz (and loudest treble) and the first is the softest of each.

First interesting part of this buzz. My passive bass does not do this, but my passive bass only has a volume and a tone knob. My passive bass makes no extraneous noise in this amp, it acts just like it is supposed too.

Second interesting part of the buzz. When I turn the on the amp to "vintage" (supposed to be a simulated tube sound) the buzz from my active bass almost completely goes away.

Third, and by far the most interesting part of this buzz. If I turn the setting to two, and have the voice set to modern I get a fair amount of buzz. This is the buzz that was originally described. When I turn into a specific position that is almost directly facing the amp there is almost no buzz. When I turn 180 degrees from this position, there is almost no buzz. When I am in any other position the buzz is there quite prominently.

Could anyone help me out with this one?