This is my first time,my bro has posted many songs and many of u guys have called him poet. Well crit mine, i wanna know will i be able to survive as a writer

crit 4 crit
i don't know if i am capable of criticizing your composition but will surely hit you guys with any positive or negative opinion about your piece

Each other enemy

verse 1
i opened my eyes
to realize the horror
only to see
what i didn't wanna see
i was bit scared at first
embarrassed of what i become
i couldn't say a word
but surely could hear all the screams


what we have become, what we have done
is really what we were meant to
how can we say we are humans
if we are each other enemies

verse 2

i couldn't help but wonder
what i have to do for me to survive
is to kill myself from within
slaughter my teachings , my beliefs
to think of man fallen down
as a another hurdle, holding me down
and tears in their eyes is the mean to tell me
they despise the fact that i began to rise

repeat chorus

small solo

alternate chorus

what we have become, what we have done
is really what we were meant to
we call ourself humans
cause of fact we are each other enemies

********thanks for reading*********
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yeah , i just wrote it in 5 min...
i actually post it just completing it 15 min ago
thanks for reading
no problem. do you have any music with that? if so, what style are you going with it?
i wrote just today only,
i am not sure of the chords write now
but will definitely go with kind of early 90's music

ps could you ask your friend to rate it,i'll be very thankful