I am buying a new amp and guitar soon. I am still deciding on the guitar, but I think I have found a good amp: the Vox Valvetronix AD30Vt 30w combo amp. It's $250 (which is in my price range of $200-$400 at the very most). It won me over when I saw the 11 different amp models and 11 different effects, as well as the preset channels. 30 watts is fine because I don't play live and don't need to be so loud. I play hard rock, metal, some blues, and pretty much a little of everything. I like versatility, but I am especially looking for a good metal amp.

However, before I buy it, has anyone had any experience with this amp, good or bad. Is their another amp that would be better for me? Any input is valuable.

Also, is their a major difference between amps of this price and more expensive amps, besides wattage. Is the sound quality the same?
They're pretty good, for solid states - but I don't think they're capable of metal by themselves, unless you're talking about thrash, in which case they'll do just fine.
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the amp models are garbage in my opinion. but if u set it on manual, it sounds really nice, and it can do metal on its own, idk about nu-metal.
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Any other suggestions in this price range? Keep in mind that I don't want to have to buy a whole bunch of pedals.
I've owned one for a couple of years and I'm not very happy with it. It's versatile, but I can't seem to dial in exactly what I'm looking for.

The effects are ok I guess, but it's a pain in the ass to adjust them. Hold this down while twisting that... without the manual or a cheat card you'll never remember what's what.

I'm thinking about selling mine to get a Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube 20th Anniversary Combo.
Would the Peavey Valveking be a better choice, even though I'll probably need a distortion pedal?
I would go with the Valveking.

The Vox sounds like it has a blanket over it, which can be solved with a speaker upgrade but that's like another $70. The Valveking is a much better starting point. It has an effects loop and an extension speaker out . The Vox has neither.
For pure tone, the Crate V18 would be a better choice than the Valvetronix, and much more practical than the Valveking. A 15W tube amp will be a lot louder than the 30W hybrid. A 50W tube amp will be way too powerful for your purposes.

But if you really think you want models and built in effects, and metal and hard rock is the majority of what you do, you should look into the Roland Cubes.
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