I have a Godin Freeway Classic guitar that I use with a Peavey Valveking. I like my rig, but I'm looking to replace the stock bridge pickup in the Godin with something that has a little more output and more definition when playing with high gain. I'm trying to decide between a Duncan 59 and a Duncan Custom.

I'm leaning towards the Custom because of the higher output, but how will my cleans sound? I play in a (sort of) modern-prog band, so clear cleans are very important to me, but I also need a powerful high gain sound. I don't need to get death-metal levels of gain but I would like something a little more defined at higher gain than my stock pickups, without sacrificing cleans. Would the 59 or the Custom be a better fit?
The '59 is more of a neck pickup. You can still get clean sounds with a Custom.
i have an SD Invader and i get great cleans from it. I think its more powerful than the Custom
Out of those two I'd go for the Custom. Forget about the Invader.
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the Custom isn't a high gain pickup at all. true it's higher than the '59, but it's no X2N or something. you'll be fine with the Custom.
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Seymour Duncan have soundclips of all there pickups playing clean and with distortion, which nearly every major pickup company has.
A8 or the Custom 5. better cleans than the Custom in my opinion. you can also try to swap the magnet of the Custom to an Alnico 8. i've heard it's good.
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