Hi. I played through my Marshall AVT15OH (with the 2 matching 100w AVT Cabs) with my band for the first time today, and even though I was so ****in loud I was still strugglin to be heard over my drummer.

The sound was goin a bit all over the place as it was so loud but still it wasn't clear with everytyhing else? Do I just need to do some tweaking with the eq?

Or please just tell me a decent combo that won't give me this trouble (if indeed it is the ****ness of the avt that is giving me this problem).

I have my mid + high at just over halfway. It was stupidly loud and I knew something wasn't right coz it shouldn't need to be anywhere near that to be heard. The bass was spot on with the drums but my sound just wasn't coming through clear at all.

Would I be better with an all tube amp or should this setup be perfoming better? Just can't think where I'm going wrong. Welcome all suggestions.

Thanks. I do have my low end quite high so I'll have a go with less. I'm sure if I mess about with it enough I'll get there. If I still don't get what I'm after then I guess I'll be back on here pretty soon lookin 4 amp recommendations lol.

Cheers 4 ur time.