hi there, i was wondering if anyone has bought guitar parts from these guys before? me and a friend are thinking about making a few guitars, and we're looking at these guys to supply our necks and bodies. we're wondering if these guys were any good? the prices seem to be the best in the uk, and im probably gonna get a new neck from them for myself to see what the qualities like first hand.

anyone in the know? cheers, liam.
Hmmm, very intriguing. They publish a "Luthier Services" catalog, and seem to imply that they build the necks and body themselves?... But they also sell auto parts?!

In any case, did you see the total price for a finished, fretted neck? Around 300 euros.

Given the strength of the euro vs the US dollar, it would make more sense to buy from Warmoth or USA Custom Guitars, even taking into account shipping and duty/customs fees, if you keep it fairly standard, a finished neck from either company will end up cheaper.

And I can vouch for the quality, both Warmoth and USA Custom Guitars do some very high quality work on both necks and bodies. I've never been disappointed with either.
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230 GBP for a custom build, fretted and finished (they don't mention the gloss) maple/rosewood Strat neck. That works out to $456 US

Same neck from USACG : $290 in clear satin, $310 in clear gloss.

From Warmoth? : $222 in clear satin, $232 in clear gloss.

See which company can build to your specs, but clearly, Warmoth, and possibly USACG seem to be cheaper options.
Can any one tell me if the have got a custom guitar body from mercasystems?
are they reliable and good at building them

i want them to build me a body but there are no reviews on their website so i thought id ask