So just recently I did a major operation on the good old ax, which happens to be an Ibanez RG350 DX. I fixed a few issues, and mounted a SPST button in the pick guard so its just.....dandy.

Now this was a problem before I took it apart, but I just assumed it was loose wiring.... but it clearly wasn't. Basically, you have to mess around with the volume knob a lot before you can actually get sound... if you even think of rolling it back after you get it to work, it will cut out without fail.

So yes, It's evident I need a new volume pot so a few questions really...

I know different potentiometers are rated at different ohm levels... but is there really much difference in function or quality among different pots? What would be a range of standard ohm levels for a guitar's volume pot?

Also, where could one obtain a new suitable pot? And last, which would you most recommend?
This happened to me before and I cleaned it and it worked fine again.

So before you go buy a new pot, clean this one. It'll prolly work. If not, go get a new pot.

edit: I should also mention that by cleaning it, I mean spraying contact cleaner inside it and giving it a few rapid turns and blowing it out with compressed air.
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Thanks a lot,
after reading about the different pots on the StewMac site, I feel very inclined to trying a 1 Meg pot for the volume and tone.
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1M pots generally work beautifully with humbuckers, and I'd venture to say that on a guitar like your Ibanez RG350, it'd work even better. Make sure you replace both volume and tone pots for maximum effect.

And if it somehow becomes too bright (but I doubt it), you could always take a step back and put the original 500k tone pot back in, but leave the new 1M volume pot. Let us know how it works out for you.
I've installed 1 meg pots in both my kelly's my amp was acting as if they werent pushing enough power to the preamp channel so i had to use a od pedal to bring it to notch, with some feedback that is. i popped the pot in. I have more power than what i used to with the od and with no hum or feedback.
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