they do not always love me. it is true.
so beautiful. you are. (so pretty too)
your mouth hangs like a teacloth. (when you chew
my every word) and with.

your hair up, drinking all of my shampoo
(just like whiskey. in the bath. rowing through
rubber ducks. resembling me) and always true:
they do not always love me, it is you:

so beautiful. the food is. when you chew-
(your mouth hangs like a beautiful night
a gorgeous mind), on a forehead, where. shampoo
has listened to your mind, and i know.

the mountains- never love the son, it's true.
(so snow capped. in the night, like white shampoo),
now my forehead holds my mind. but only just.
as i've listened (to the words of only you).

the gallows look like gorgeous. open highways.
the tunnel looks a light, (the lamp is you).
the mountains are a stupid sunday night..
because they never loved me. quite as much. as you.

but not bad at all. =)

She dreams in color, she dreams in red.

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