Kind of a dumb question. But since they use some really low tuning, what size strings would work great for playing some In Flames tunes. I tried once before, dropping with my .10-.52s...that didn't go so well . The tuning [if you don't know] is

i play alot of in flames stuff and i use .10s
it actually works out fairly well...i like the looseness of the strings and how that sounds on my amp. it gives it a heavier sound. and those solos for embody the invisible is reallly easy to vibrato wit looser strings...idn i guess its just preference.
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i have 10-52's and i tune to b, sometimes a#. why didnt it work?
[not as bad as nines though, so ill give you credit for that] but he probably likes tight and snappy feeling/sounding strings....maybe beef it up to 11's...12's...13's???
Id use either an 11 or 12 set
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I used to play In Flames stuff in that tuning using 9's.
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