feel to be harsh
all comments are invited, i am playing guitar since forever and i wanna be a good writer
,your comment will surely help
i know its rhythm is that of 8grader but hey,i wrote this when i was 12

crit 4 crit

hold on

verse 1

sometimes thing you love the most
might let you down
and people that cared for most
may never heard your sound
and all you can do is
see the bright lights getting dim
wishing someone hold your hands
when you have nothing left but sins


just hold on
and take control
you don't know what you had
until its all gone
hold on and try to be strong
you don't know what is right
until you done some wrong

verse 2

it don't really matter
which option you'll take
cause in this game ,
game of love people love to hate
love to hate what you believe
or change the person you want to be
with your bloody hands wrapped in chains
you feel like a angel dying with pain

repeat chorus

nobody is holding you back
you gotta go you gotta go
nobody is holding you down
you gotta go ,take control

repeat chorus

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