We are an alternative rock band from Danbury, CT.

The band has recently undergone some sad but seemingly necessary changes in the bands lineup. As of now the singer has departed due to creative differences, among other chemistry and socially based conflicts of interest. With that said, we are currently looking actively for anyone interested in filling a vocalist position for a Rock/Alternative band. We are open to anyone, male or female. Ages 15-20. Must be completely dedicated and willing. If you are interested, email yoursooocheezi@gmail.com, or private message FrankTheDrummer or gitardud391 to set up an audition/interview date.

Obviously it'd help if you were local :]

Thanks bunches UG, love you guys!

- Palindrome
Do you like Death metal? Are you from Connecticut??? DO YOU PLAY BASS!!!!!????

Technical Death metal band Yildun need a bassist, badly. Influences include Nile, Spawn of Possession, Meshuggah, Necophagist, Decrepit Birth, extreme metal. Interested? www.myspace.com/yildunmetal.