problem 1:
ive got a all maple neck telecaster that is starting to wear between the 3-12 frets along a wood grain along the back, im guessing from my palm. theres like one or 2 waves of grain that is taking on a darker(im guessing from dirty hands/dead skin) color. it kinda is a "relic look" that i guess people want, but this guitar was only made 3 years ago and the finish is thin along that spot, and its my natural ash finish baby, so i wana keep it looking nice. how do or can i go about cleaning it without sanding the finish off and redoing it as i dont really wana do that on a fender, even if it is mexican(which i think explains the thin finish)

problem 2:
on the actual fret board(also maple) on the 5th and 7th fret area the rust or dirt from the strings have started to absorb into the grain as well. ive tried cleaning with damp paper towels and no luck. once again, dosnt look that bad, its just there i know its there and its not getting smaller. its a sideways, not with the grain almost looks as its from bending strings along that area.

even if i cant get either of these cleaned, is there a way to easily and safely refinish or add another coat to give it a bit more protection? oil? ive got tung oil, or i can buy whatever is needed. i know maple is usually sealed so oil wouldnt soak in right... so... ideas?
with maple, once it starts darkenning, there is really no way to fix it, your oils go very deep into the wood. the only way to make it go away is to sand and refinish, the only way to make it stop is to either, wash your hands before you play, or put some more finish on it, brush on poly or something.
hmm, aside from the look, is it going to hurt the guitar at all to not do anything? weaken the neck etc?

edit:i imagine moisture can get in easier?
heh, im not going to force the look, its happening natural against my will, so i guess its the look the guitar is going to take on.
my friend (housemate) worked lemon oil and then lemon wax and removed almost all of his dirty wear marks from his fretboard and back of the neck on his ernie ball music man sterling. he had his marks round the 7th fret on the back of the neck, and from the second fret to the fifth fret (mostly) on the top of the fretboard. He also had what appeared to be some of the clear finish rubbing away.

he apparently got this trick from his boss. (he's an apprentice for a luthier here in town)

he also said it took a couple hours... so... effort in, effort out. I'm speculating that it would need to be reapplied over time again, but if it works then that's a nice thought huh?
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hmm, im glad i have different experience, but when i got my current MIM tele i played over 40 different ones at 3 different guitar shops and i will say, some felt and looked like ****, but i found one i couldnt put down. but i have a Indonesian made tele custom squire (Hb/Hb) that honestly feels better than the MIM standard.