i dont know what is it
do reply and let me know

i did wrong and i am repenting every moment
i was high may be caught up int hemoment
i was captured put injail'for doing inhuman things
iput my family name in shame
no one even talk to me,and i live that horror every day
but i am glad iwas caught put in prison
there iwas tautored for 20 years and they have every reason.
i thought i did time and leftall that behind
now i am earning my groceris by moping up the floor

15 years went by now i am dead
but not surprisingly iam in hell
but i did my time when i was alive
i lived in my hell for 20 years
and throughout that time i my soul was burning
i thaught i was freed from that burden
but still i am buring from the crime i have already paid for
i wanna talk to god and ask him
is this justice
Not my prefered type of music, sounds like some sort of death metal cannibal corpse type of stuff.