Sorry dude, but making the instruments on guitar pro jazz guitars doesn't make it jazz. This isn't jazz dude.
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I have no idea how you made that work as well as it did. It's unique, odd, dark, and just plain strange. In other words, I liked it.

Can't think of anything really that needs to be improved or added.
hahah...Shockingly i really enjoyed this. My favorite part was from measure 96 to the end. Keep writing stuff like this. It was a really good "jazz" song 9/10.

ha and thanks for the crit. originally it was a lot different but i just c-sectioned the parts i didnt like and i went with my original vision, and i finished it.
So it isn't jazz, boo-ho go cry in a freaking corner.

I loved it, it was odd, dark and just... great.
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