Ok im fed up of feedback

i tryed putting my MXR 10 band eq in the effects loop of my amp and it squeels like a banshee.

i cant put my amp past around 2 without it squeeling uncontrolably. and iv tried standing reaaaaly far away from my amp.

The only thing that seems to shut my the feedback up is my noise surpressor , but even then i have to put the threshold on full , which in turn makes harmonics not ring out properly and while using my delay in the NS-2's effects loop , it deteriorates it so it doesnt echo for half as long as it should do.

is this a problem with my amp or something?

Any advice greatly appreciated
Try moving the MXR and ns-2 as far away from the amp as possible, see if that helps.
It could be a problem with the amp or outside interference.
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Turn your gain down.

If that doesn't help, your pickups might be microphonic.

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and whats microphonic ?

Microphonic is when your pickups give a really high pitched squeal that doesn't stop when you mute the strings. It's something to do with them not being wax potted properly, I think.
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"Microphonic" means the pickups are acting like microphones. Pickups don't work like microphones, or at least they're not supposed to. Moving a steel string through the magnetic field of the pickup is supposed to induce a voltage in the pickup coil. If one or more windings on that coil become loose, then the windings are free to vibrate with any sound that hits the pickup. A coil wire moving in that magnetic field is no different from a guitar string moving in the field - it will induce a voltage in the coil, and generate electrical sound. Since you can't control how much that coil winding moves, it's free to move at any rate it wants to, and the result is squeeling feedback.

The only cure for a microphonic pickup is to seal the coil so that the windings can't move anymore. This usually involves potting the pickup in wax. To find out if this is your problem you should connect your guitar directly into your amp, crank the amp volume, and see how close you can get to the amp before it starts squeeling. If you remove the strings from the guitar (like next time you change strings) then you should be able to put the guitar up against the grill at a moderately high volume level without ANY feedback occuring. If you can't, then something is microphonic, and it's probably the pickups.

If it doesn't happen when you connect the guitar directly to the amp, then one of the components in one of your pedals may also be microphonic - e.g., something is moving when sound hits it and it's converting that movement into electricity. You can find microphonic components by tapping on them.