how much u willin 2 pay
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i'd go gay for hendrix 128 he's fricken hillarious.

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To me, Jonas Brothers sound identical to Dragonforce. So I'm not sure what you've just proved.
cause he wants used (cheaper)? xD
1. You're surfing the internet.
2. You're browsing through the UG forums.
3. You're reading now.
5. You didn't notice that there was no #4.
6. You just checked it.
7. Now you're having a lil smile.

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You Sir, have the best signature like ever!
Just walk in the local shop...if you mean used then specify that.
lol I thought it was implyed, on a gear classified forum. How many people come here to buy brand new ****? Outside of trolls.

Im not looking to go over $185 US shipped usps to canada. I see many of these for $120-135 for sale but no one shipping to canada =/