I hate the stupid ****ing add whenever you scroll your mouse over it it pops up I hate It. ok i had to get that out
What does that have to do with Ohio?
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"I'm discontinuing production on the Timmy now as well. It might come back into production at some point down the road, but probably not because people will just clone it anyway cause they're stupid jerk face doo doo heads. -Paul C."
What? Pop-up ads on UG?
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dude, i hate ohio too, but i have no idea what adds your talking about
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no nobody else knows. whell for the past two weeks an ohio pop up add has been ruining my ug experience
Get Firefox! For the entire state of Ohio!
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This one dream involved me, one random girl, midgets and a pie.

...and midgets ended up f*cking her. I got the pie.