ok i think this summer is the right time for me to get a telecaster. after selling my old one i regreted alot. but thats the past. now i know about fenders and g&l. and i heard good things about them. but is there other brands or custom luthier who make teles just as good or even better? i know this one luthier from wisconsin but he currently stopped building them, so tough luck for me

edit: btw i'm interested in japanese teles, but they are hard to find in the states.
how much are you looking to spend ?? Suhr do a very nice telecaster. If you have the dollar
my budget is unsure yet, but it will proibably be big. i'm really hoping to spend under 1 grand, but if is worth it. like the richie kotzen, then i'll shred out the extra $$$
I really like my Fender American Standard tele, which is $999. I think if you're getting a tele, you should get the real deal, a Fender. The G&L models were designed by Leo also, but a Fender really is the way to go, in my opinion.
u can find a mij at most guitar shops

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edit: btw i'm interested in japanese teles, but they are hard to find in the states.

yeah, those were the ones i was going to suggest...
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