Ok so I ran into this little problem.I don't know if I want to start building a pedal board or shell out an arm and a leg for a Multi Effects Pedal what would be the best thing...please help me...
In the long run, a pedal board will give you a much better quality of sound.

What kind of multi-effects units were you looking at?
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it all depends on how many effects you plan on using. If you're a person who only needs a distortion and wah pedal, then go for the pedal board. But, if you're the kind of person who likes to fiddle and have a wide array of possibilities, get the multieffects pedal. My word of advice, for either option, is to look for them on ebay. You can easily save yourself $200 +
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It probably depends more on if you want to play a lot live, are wanting a lot of good sounds that u can do direct recording with or needing a lot of sounds because you play a lot of covers. Multi Effects Pedals allow a lot of flexibility, direct recording ease and midi options but I think that the drawbacks are sort of poor overdrive/distorion (very digital at times). Seperate effects pedals are great if you know the exact sound your going for (like knowing you want the MXR Phase 90 sound and none other).
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if you really ned 19 bajillion different effects, then a multi effect pedal is great. (as long as it a high quality one, not like a zoom or something.) but most people will only need a pedal board. i cant imagine most styles of music needing more than a wah, od/disto/fuzz, delay, chorus, eq, and for the adventurous maybe a whammy pedal or moog or something.
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As others have said, a pedal board offers the most exacting sounds, as you obtain what you need and what works well. A multi-effects pedal may have great delay, but so so distortion - your stuck with a standard configuration.

With Multieffects you don't have to worry about a bunch of patch cables and getting the correct power source and a place to put all those pesky pedals. With pedals, if one goes bad...the others will still probably work - so the show may still go on.

Personally, I like both individual pedals and multi-effects. There are many pluses and minuses to both, as a couple of examples stated above, they both have some advantages and disadvantages.
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