Poll: Who, oh who, will it be???
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5 17%
#1 synth
3 10%
7 23%
my name is Pete
6 20%
Bleed Away
1 3%
3 10%
5 17%
Voters: 30.
This is not a pipe
i pretty much had my choice made by the middle of the month.
and i had read nearly all of these at least once.
but reading these again, i became less certain.

Dylan, Matt, and Randy were solid as they always are.
But Fred is far better than I remembered.

And Zach made this decision extremely tough.
He, along with Dylan and Jamie, have pushed me hard through their crits
and his pieces seem to connect me, each more securely than the previous.
Wine Glass Religion could have easily been a wotw.

still, i'm going with Pete.
but the decision was far more difficult than i thought it would be.
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Just when I thought his pieces were too similar, he switched it up and sprung on us something a whole lot different.
the people I'm between both have a long way to go for me to really think that their work is excellent. But I'm going for SYK over Pete because SYK was my nomination and I think he deserves it more than anyone else on the poll. period.

I have some free time, I'll go through why:

Zack: not a single one of his pieces blew me away during the month in question. They were all nice free verse and prosaic pieces that left me with little after reading, not anger, happiness, jelousy, or anything else besides the desire to give him a "potential talk." Will be his time someday, not now.

Me: Undecided.

SYK: Constantly pushing his boundaries with solid pieces in structured rhythm and free verse alike. Wrote in a way that was endearing. His writing made me like him. He will improve tenfold over his tenure here (which I hope will be long) but I feel like he deserves this now.

Pete: Though his cover of "the man who sold the world" is borderline fantastic (go check it out on his profile) his writing is not ready to win WotM. He is a pretty good example of a jack of all trades but a master of few. He has had some excellent flow in pieces, some excellent ideas in pieces, and some excellent one liners. However, I have failed to see him do two things: 1. try something other than fairly rambling free verse (which everyone on this poll should do) and 2. have a piece that truly kept my attention throughout. Now the latter is completely subjective and probably pretty unfair but hear me out. I think he is one of the only ones here where not winning will actually help him out as I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon and he's young in his S&L career and motivation is never a bad thing.

Fred: Not much to say on Fred. He's solid, and interesting, but I didnt see enough of him this month to warrant voting for him.

Matt and Randy: They have collectively won a year's worth of WOTM (or close to that). They don't need anymore at the moment

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I definitely don't hang around here enough to judge things beyond the pieces that were linked to, and honestly, I wouldn't have voted unless SYK told me to "vote for pete" last night. Again with the modesty. I said I'd have a look at the thread today, and he said I'd forget, calling me a 'space cadet'. Not saying I read/voted out of spite, but that had something to do with it

Most of the pieces were good; they were all worth reading, so thanks for that I don't know you ladies/gents by name, so forgive that too lol. Stellar legs had some good lines, and I enjoyed his titles quite a bit. The epitaph bit was great, hope you actually came up with that, not just a quote. I loved Pete's Call It "Unrequited", but more in the way that the ideas presented were extreme familiar rather than having said anything stunning on the subject.

Zanascross's stuff just seems to have more...life(?) behind it. I'm not sure what to call it. I relate to it more, and the diction/images could tear the face off an alligator as far as I'm concerned lol. Wine Glass Religion was the first piece I read out of all of the ones up there, and was by far the most enjoyable for me. Pronoun verb noun was pretty good too, mostly because he made "MacGyver" a verb.

I have loads of respect for the people who post here regularly and help folks out. If only I had more motivation for this sort of thing these days *sigh*. SYK sets small fires under me sometimes, so thanks for that - plus he's good to chat with at 3 am lol. Anyway, thanks again for all the interesting work

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i suppose it's all about whether we're voting with regards to ability or effort.

fuck it, ability.