I am working on barre chords right now and have made alot of progress as of late. summer has opened up time for ALOT of practice. now i want to expand and work on more.

Is there a best way to go about things? should i try pentatonics, scales, Modes(dont know what these are), theory, or what?

There is just so much. can anyone type up a rough draft of a good "order of operations" when it comes to this ****?

I would start with the major scales and the basic theory behind them, since you can derive lots of barre chords from them. That will let you get a better understanding of both.

Are you planning on being a rhythm or lead guitarist? obviously you should know some of both, but ultimately you will probably find yourself drawn to one or the other

And, good work on the barre chords, those are one of the highest hurdles that new guitarists have to jump.
I started with the basic shapes of major and minor scales, learned chord names, chord formations, then finally learned theory. It helps to know the shapes and formations of chords and scales before learning theory.

Hope this helps.