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Yeah, I do it too.
40 66%
No, I dont...
21 34%
Voters: 61.
I know this is probably going to be the stupidest thing you have ever heard but here I go...

For some reason I like to look at my hands while I'm playing guitar in the mirror for some reason?

Like I want to see if my technique looks cool or something

You do this?
I get confused when I look in the mirror and play, it puts me off badly
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I saw a thread just like this the other week. Except the guy was talking about how he hates how he looks in the mirror as opposed to liking how he looks, lol.

And I always notice how long my fingers look in the mirror. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it just creeps me out.
Lol i dont do that at all but sometimes i walk around my house while playing XD and we have a mirror in our kitchen, and i just stand there and watch myself sometimes lmao
if i think about it to much then my fingers might get mixed up =P
but i sometimes like to to see some of my fast licks and such to see how fast my fingers are moving
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Yes i have a full length mirror on one side of my room and a smaller one on the other, its hard not too.

Its useful for looking at your technique to see whether it looks retarded....and therefore something might be wrong
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Umm... no.

"My gear is cheap, and I can't play, but I look cool doing it!!"

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I do it too, but only sometimes. If I'm playing while standing up I usually walk around and there is a big mirror in my room so sometimes I'll stand infront of it. I'm not sure if it helped me learn but I do know exactally what I look like when I play, and that can be a really helpful thing to know if your in a band.
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When i'm in front of any mirror i just start to make dumb faces. That usually leads to me fking things up.
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If I am near a mirror, like walking around my house with a guitar, and I pass the full length in the hall, I'll do it for a minute. I don't purposely go to look at myself play in the mirror.
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Yes, but I usually put on an 80s hair metal wig and spandex before I go out in front of my mirror audience.
I do, yes, I think it helps me get a better look at my hands when I'm playing so I can analyse my technique. Too much effort to video myself every time I want to watch myself play.
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aS LONG as it sounds good.

oh and ya, i look in the mirror too